1. How does this work?
  2. To get started, launch the app and click on “Create VoxTone” .  Fill out your name, number and email. Then click on “next”.  You now will start to create the VoxTone.   We give you options to personalize your custom human spoken voiceover tone with background music or pre-alerts.  Our Application will allow you to select names directly from your contacts list.  You can edit the names, or make new names, all at your own preference and control.  Once your order is complete, our voiceover team gets your order info and speaks whatever you’ve requested.  Within 24hrs to 48hrs your VoxTone will be created and set on your device automatically. It will be set by itself, ready to start speaking the callers name as you wrote and requested to be spoken. 

  3. After I create the VoxTone and finish the order what do I do then?
  4. Nothing! Simply wait and we automatically setup your device up within 24 to 48 business hours.  Your phone will be set to play the specific VoxTone(s) .   

  5. My order(s) was placed on Friday and it's now Sunday, why don't I have my VoxTone?
  6. It takes up to 48 business hours or even less to get your VoxTone delivered. Standard business hours worldwide are always between Monday-Friday working days. We usually deliver within 24hrs business hours. This is a live service where each order is spoken for and created, in accordance to your personalized specifications.  Hence is the reason why it takes our staff at least 24hrs to create your custom VoxTones.

    It’s been 24-48business hours and I still have not received my VoxTones. What’s going on!?
    It can be a number of factors.  First and foremost, please check that your data connection is on and running fine.  Some phones may also require your Wi-Fi connection to also be turned on in order for certain apps to work.  Try to turn the Wi-Fi connection on and wait for no more than 24hrs after doing so.  Also, try do a check and receive pull by clicking on the “check/receive” button through the APP.  If still no luck, email us at customersupport@voxtoneonline.com and we will be sure to help you out.

  7. I want to create more than just the 5 VoxTones?
  8. We will be updating the VoxTone APP very soon with our new version soon to be released.  With our new update, you will be able to place more VoxTone orders. If you like the APP please gives your feedback and reviews! The more good reviews we have the more effort we can put towards upgraded versions for you.   

  9. Is this a text to speech machine that will speak?
  10. No, our service is allowing you to hire professional voiceover personal to actually speak each name of your callers as per your requests.  We are not a text to speech engine powered by computer code. These are real people speaking each request for you.  Our Application intakes your order, sends it to real pros, and then sends back the spoken tones to your device.

  11. I need to redo my order; I didn’t like how a voiceover person said a name.
  12. We eliminate a huge percentage of error in pronunciation by producing each custom tone with real people speaking the requests.  With this said, yes there are odd times a name might be mispronounced or not spoken to each and everyone’s expectation.  If you experience this issue, email us at customersupport@voxtoneonline.com.   We will see what we can do for you and try our very best to always make sure you’re happy.