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The VoxTone APP is the world's first spoken caller ID by actual human voiceover professionals, speaking the custom names of incoming callers. Our talented Voiceover specialists announce personal names, or even personal nicknames of specific contacts calling you. This APP gives you, your very own voiceover artist speaking anything requested; associated with specific callers from your contacts list. When someone calls from your contacts list, an actually professional voiceover artist will verbally speak the name or nickname associated for that caller as the incoming ringtone. (example. "Mr. Nadeem Mughal, Mr. Edward James, from marketing is calling you.")

*THESE ARE NOT PREMADE RINGTONES OR ROBOTIC FAKE VOICES. These are real voiceover professionals that speak custom lines requested by you! With over a 97% pronunciation accuracy rate, our platform finally brings a real human presence to text to speech technology. The days of trying to figure out, what a robotic voice is trying to say is over. Blackberry handset owners can now listen for their very own hired voiceover person advising out loud, who is calling them.

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Version: 1.2.0
Release: ottobre 28, 2011
File Size: 1566 KB

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6.0.0 or higher

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