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VoxTone is the first service to use real professional voiceover people to record any word, nickname or phrase that you want to say as your mobile ringtones or as your desktop system sound alerts & more! Personalize your own VoxTone even further by combining background Musical Clips or Pre-alert sounds with the voice.

Our vast array of exclusively produced and managed background musical clips and pre-alerts, gives this new ringtone concept even more edge and value for it's low price. It's as simple as selecting from the different menu options within the VoxTone Order & design process.

The VoxTone pre-alert sound will *BEEP* before the voice. With the background music feature, users will hear the voiceover voice speaking their request on top of the musical clip blended in together.

These voiceover specialists have spoken for commercials, movies, corporate voice prompts and more. Now they will speak for you as your new ringtones/sound alerts fully personalized to your choice! The VoxTone verbally speaks anything such as your personal nickname, company name, requested sentences, all up to 80 characters for mobile use or even more character spacing for our other VoxTone uses (eg. VoxTone WIN/MAC, Websites, Blogs).
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Real live professionally recognized voiceover specialists speaks your written request you type in via our VoxTone Order process. Any word, nickname or phrase.

New Form Of Caller ID! -Create multiple VoxTones to assign VoxTones to different names + numbers in your contacts list via cellphone. So now, whatever contact name & number you would normally input via text, can now not just display when calling, but rather play a VoxTone that will speak the names, nicknames, numbers for each contact in your cellphone.

Various selections of Background musical clips to mix in with the voice.

Various selections of pre-alert sounds, which alerts before your voiceover specialists speaks your customized request.

Choose from 2 different Voice Accents, UK style of voice, or North American style of voice, to speak in your VoxTone.

Record your own voice reference via our online tool & upload with your order to ensure our staff pronounces any particular word or name to the best of their ability.

Apply The VoxTone Within Windows or MAC

The VoxTone is not just limited to ringtones for cellphone users. Even computer users can apply VoxTones into their computer default sounds for Windows or Mac. The Sound when Logging into your Windows environment, or the sound of a new Instant Message, whatever you choose to apply the VoxTone(s) to, you can take full control of your own customization and let your Imagination go wherever you wish it to go with the VoxTone! read more


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